What or who is IGuard999 I.C.E. ?

Hi everyone,

My name is Michael Chambers, i am the founder and developer of IGuard999 I.C.E.

I live in a small area of the Rotherham Borough called West Melton.

I want to explain to you about IGuard999 I.C.E. and what it does.

One day there was an accident outside our local Tescos supermarket. A young lad was knocked down by a car. The emergency services were called. I don't know the full facts but i think he was ok in the end. It got me thinking if there is something that could be done in a situation like this to make things better for everyone.

I was then involved in an incident myself. I was walking the dog and as i passed some chuch steps there was an elderly gentleman slobbed on the steps shouting out for help. He was soaking wet through as it had been raining all day. Quite a few people had passed him ignoring him my thoughts were that they might think he was homeless, drunk or on drugs. I approached the man and asked him if he was ok. He begged me to call an ambulance. I was joined by another dog walker who i knew and he actually called for an ambulance while i stood at the end of the street waiting for the ambulance.

Because of stretched resources with the NHS it took 2 hours for the ambulance to arrive. During this time all we found out was his name. He had no id on him no mobile on him or anything. This again got me thinking what if this guy had been unconscious and we knew nothing about him. No ID or nothing. With this in mind i developed the I.C.E. program. There are apps out there that do the same thing but an app is no good if your screen is smashed in the accident or the battery flat or someone does not have a phone on them.

I developed the I.C.E. card or keyring which has a unique QR code that can be scanned for information. Full description is on the website.

All information on IGuard999 is kept on a secure encrypted database server. Its safe. No information is shared to any third party or used in any other way than to help you in an emergency.

If anyone wants to know any information or fears for security about my program please e mail me admin@iguard999.co.uk and i will give you my personal contact number and i will speak to you personally.

I am located in West Melton.