Questions And Answers.

Q. It says it's free to register but then says it's £9.95 for a card or key ring ?

A. Yes your I.C.E. account is free to set up and register and always will be free. However there is a small charge because to supply you with an I.C.E. card or keyring it has to be manufactured, printed and delivered.

The cost is the absolute minimun cost.

It is a non profit fee and is a one off payment for life.

Q. Why is IGuard999 I.C.E different to other products or similar ideas ?

A. There are I.C.E. apps available to download to your phone. These have annoying ads popping up and ALL your information is available to view by anyone.

1, An app is a good idea but not that good if your phone screen is smashed or battery flat !

2, A talisman or id bracelet with an engraved contact number on it is no good if your next of kin changes their number. Also if you telephone a contact number they can't deliver all the information that my program does.

With Iguard999 I.C.E there are no annoying pop up ads. Only basic information is viewed by the public but there is a link to life saving information on what to do in an emergency until help arrives. A paramedic can contact your next of kin who will supply them with your emergency pin number that will unlock further medical information such as address, blood group, medication, health status and NHS number.

IGuard999 I.C.E. comes in either a ID card or handy key ring.

IGuard999 I.C.E. is also available for your Dog or Cat and for your Luggage.

The most promising feature is you can always keep your information up to date.

Q. How does my PIN number work ?

A. Your personal PIN number is to protect your emergency information. If you are in an accident unconscious a member of the public can scan your QR code and view basic information like profile pic, name, and next of kin names and contacts.

If an emergency service worker scans your QR code thay can see the same details as everyone else. However if the contact your next of kin for the personal PIN number and enter this they will also see further information, address, blood group, health status, medication details and most important your NHS number which they can tap into the NHS spine for further medical records.

Q. Do i need a new I.C.E card or keyring if i move house etc ?

A. No. Your personal QR code is for life. If you change your address, profile pic, medication, health status you simply log into your I.C.E. account and update your details. When anyone scans your personal QR code your up to date details will always be visible.

Q. Is my information safe ?

A. Yes. Your information is stored on our secure encrypted database server. It is also pin protected.

No information is shared with any other 3rd party it is only used in an emergency situation in accordance with the data protection act 2018.

2048-bit SSL certificates issued from our Certificate Authorities are trusted by over 99.9% of all current browsers, including Microsoft Edge (all versions), Internet Explorer 5.01 (and above), Firefox 1.0 (and above), Google Chrome (all versions), Apple Safari 1.2 (and above), Opera 6.1 (and above) and many others.

Q. What happens to my profile page when it is scanned ?

A. When you personal QR code is scanned it will show your basic I.C.E. emergency details on the users phone. If a paramedic enters the pin they will also have access to further information. The page will only last 5 minutes then is directed back to our IGuard999 website.

Q. What else does IGuard999 offer ?

A. You can also download our FREE protection app. It sends out live help and check in notifications to registered contacts in case of emergency. Ideal if you are out alone and feel threatened, home or work alone and have an accident, Broke down in your vehicle and not a member of any emergency services. The check in feature is ideal if you have children playing out. Check out full details on the main website

IGuard999 also offers an I.C.E. Pet Tag. If your dog or cat is lost or found a person can simply scan the QR code on their phone using their camera and the pet's owners details will be shown.

You can contact the owner and reunite them with their pet.

IGuard999 also offers an I.C.E. Luggage Tag. If you lose your luggage the tag can be scanned using a mobile phone and the owner notified. Scan the tag, reunite the bag !

We can also offer you QR code on personalised mobile phone cases.

Q. How long does my I.C.E product last ?

A. All of IGuard999 I.C.E. products are for life you never need to get another because the QR code is personal to you. It never changes so it does not matter if you move house or your next of contacts change their contact number or your medication or health changes because all you have to do is log into your I.C.E. account and update your details as and when needed. Every time your QR code is scanned the new up to date details will always be shown.